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No matter the size or scope of the mould issue, our experienced technicians have the expertise to fully remediate mould in commercial properties.


We understand that mould poses a major risk to your business, employees, and customers. It can lead to health issues, damage, and costly disruptions if left unchecked.


That’s why we use proven containment procedures and industry-leading products to eliminate mould safely.

Why Choose Us For Your Commercial Property?

Experienced Specialists

Our technicians are fully trained and certified in the latest methods and products for commercial mould remediation. You can trust us to understand the best course of action for remediation.

Competitively Priced

We capitalise on our knowledge base with a competitively priced service that achieves total mould eradication, helping you breathe fresher, cleaner air.

Business Protection

We strictly contain mould using barriers and negative air flow during the remediation process. This prevents the mould from spreading to other areas of your business and avoids unnecessary disruption.

Safe, Unobtrusive Methods

The products and procedures we use are specially designed to avoid contaminating inventory, furnishings or exposing employees/customers to mould.

Discreet & Quick

Our technicians discretely take care of the mould issue in a timely manner with minimal disruption.

After Hours Work

We can schedule mould inspections and perform remediation work outside of regular business hours, including nights and weekends. This prevents any interruption to your daily operations and customer activities.

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Our Commercial Mould Remediation Process

Servicing companies across London, our certified technicians use a meticulous multi-step process following industry best practices to treat mould.

mould cleaning

Mould Cleaning

Using state of the art solutions we can effectively remediate surface moulds no matter how small or large the coverage is.

Drying solutions

Drying Solutions

Once a leak has been fixed, we can provide drying solutions to prevent any further damage from damp. 

Mould spore removal

Mould Spore Removal

To protect your health & to prevent mould from spreading, we treat the air to reduce the spore count to a safe level.

Water damage clean up service

Water Damage Clean Up

AirFresh offers a full water damage clean up service to prevent further damage and to disinfect areas contaminated with mould, or sewage.

mould surveys

Mould Surveys

With the help of expert tools, we can provide expert mould surveys to identify the root cause of the mould.

damp survey assessment

Damp Surveys

Did you know? 1 in 30 houses suffer from Damp issues in the UK. We are able to identify damp and find the likely cause. 

How Our Mould Removal Process Works

Step 1: Inspection & Planning

The first step to restoring your commercial property to a clean state is to get in touch with a member of our friendly team. We'll work closely alongside you to understand your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Getting your quote

When you are happy to proceed, one of our expert technicians will visit the property to survey the affected area(s). Following this, we can provide you with your free, competitive quote.

Step 3: Mould Removal & Disinfection

Our team arrives fully equipped with commercial-grade HEPA vacuums, antimicrobial solutions, protective gear, and air scrubbers. All visible mould is treated and removed following industry standards. Affected areas including HVAC systems are thoroughly disinfected to eliminate spores.

Step 4: Clearance Testing & Prevention

We conduct final clearance testing to validate the space is 100% mould-free. You will receive detailed documentation showing mould has been eliminated. We also provide tips on preventing future mould growth through HVAC maintenance, drainage solutions, etc.

Commercial Mould Removal Made Simple

Dealing with mould on your own can be incredibly disruptive and stressful for your business. It takes time away from focusing on your core operations and customers. You likely don’t have the expertise in-house to fully treat mould outbreaks yourself, yet finding the right commercial mould remediation provider and coordinating the process takes effort. Mismanaged mould causes even bigger headaches with health risks, damage, and lost revenue.

That’s why we make commercial mould removal smooth, fast and headache-free.


Our streamlined end-to-end service includes:

  • A thorough inspection of all business areas using thermal imaging, air sampling and more.
  • Developing a tailored treatment plan based on the unique needs of your commercial space.
  • Strictly containing mould with commercial-grade barriers during remediation.

Don’t waste time trying to handle mould yourself or coordinating contractors. Our commercial mould experts will inspect, test, remove all visible mould, and validate your property is mould-free when finished. We ease the entire process so you can get back to business as usual.

Contact us today for a free quote or to book an urgent inspection. We’re ready to solve your commercial mould problems quickly and completely.

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Dewpoint accredited mould remediation specialists

Mould Removal For All Types Of Commercial Properties

Over our many years serving businesses across London, we’ve successfully eliminated mould from all types of commercial spaces including:


  • Offices – Open office layouts, private offices, conference rooms, break rooms and more are prone to mould growth from water damage, HVAC issues, poor ventilation and other causes. We can fully remediate offices of any size so your staff can work in a healthy indoor environment.
  • Restaurants – Kitchen areas with excess moisture and poorly ventilated dining rooms often foster mould growth in restaurants. We use commercial-grade products and containment procedures specifically for the food service industry to remove mould without contamination.
  • Museums & Galleries – Protect precious artifacts, artworks and exhibits by having us safely eliminate any mould issues. Our non-invasive techniques won’t damage or disrupt sensitive collections.
  • Medical & Dental Facilities – It’s critical to keep mould out of healthcare settings. We follow strict protocols tailored for clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities so patient health is never compromised during remediation.
  • Hotels – Guest rooms, dining areas, conference rooms and back-of-house hotel areas prone to mould are discretely treated using guest-friendly methods. We work around your operations to avoid disturbing guests.
  • Schools & Universities – Musty classrooms and dormitories make for an unhealthy learning environment. We can quickly treat affected areas over nights and weekends to avoid disrupting students and faculty.
  • Retail Stores – Maintain healthy indoor air quality for shoppers by eliminating stubborn mould issues. Our contained process prevents spore contamination of retail inventory and fixtures.

No matter the type or size of commercial property, our team has the specialised expertise to fully remediate mould and restore your business to a clean, healthy state. Contact us today to learn more!

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We service rental properties across every inch of London and the surrounding areas.


For those of you who want to know more...

We can usually schedule mould removal within 2-3 days of your initial contact. How long the process takes does depend on the severity of the issue, but for most properties it can take from 1-2 days.

We remediate mould in all types of commercial spaces including offices, retail stores, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, gyms, schools, churches, industrial sites, and more throughout London.

Having received comprehensive training on utilising our mould removal technology, our specialists are ready to assist you. As part of your service, we’ll begin by UV fogging the entire property, which quickly disinfects and cleans large areas of the building.


Once the initial stage has been completed, we’ll then use our EPA-approved solutions to eliminate mould patches. These solutions have proven to be long-lasting, removing all traces of mould.


We use swabs to validate the completion of the work – this helps us detect any remaining mould particles to be removed by our competent technicians.

Finally, we are very happy to provide recommendations on preventing mould recurrence, helping you to continue to enjoy a healthy and mould-free environment.

This does depend on how severe the mould outbreak is within the property. We can also work outside of your commercial operating hours to ensure minimal disruption.

Our technicians work discretely with minimal disruption. Some temporary access restrictions may be needed for safety.

We use commercial-grade chemicals, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers and other professional products for thorough mould elimination.

We provide guidance on moisture control, ventilation, drain maintenance and other preventative measures.

Yes, we guarantee our mould removal work and will promptly address any reoccurrences free of charge for 12 months after we have completed the mould removal (Subject to T&C’s).

Here is a little more info for you...

We're here to help. Contact us today!

No matter the size or form of mould in your property, we are on hand to assist you. Contact us today on 0203 130 4068 for more information.

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