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Bringing fresh air back to your home.

If you notice mould growth on your walls, it is important you contact a specialist as soon as possible. 

Mould can spread rapidly in both the air and on surfaces, creating a potentially hazardous environment for its occupants. 


As stated on the Stafford Council website, Mould is classed as a Category 1 Health Hazard and is perceived as a “serious risk to person’s health and safety”. 

Why choose AirFresh?

Mould Experts.

As your local specialists in mould removal, we deeply understand the methods of effective mould removal, as well as what mould is and how it spreads.

Competitively Priced.

We capitalise on our knowledge base with a competitively priced service that achieves total mould eradication, helping you breathe fresher, cleaner air.

We care.

Treating every service with a personal touch, our technicians care about your safety and the inhabitants of your property.

Scientific Approach.

Our approach to mould elimination is based on scientific research, using advanced solutions that are specifically designed to safely remove mould without damaging any existing surfaces or furniture.

Dewpoint Accredited.

What’s more, we are proud to be Dewpoint accredited members. Dewpoint is an industry-leading health and safety membership organisation for professionals, and our accreditation symbolizes our commitment to the ongoing safety of our clients and staff.

Fully Trained Technicians.

We provide thorough and routine training to all of our technicians throughout their careers with us, ensuring they provide the most efficient and effective mould removal services.

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Our expert mould removal procedures for a mould free home.

We have specialist technicians and equipment on hand across London & the surrounding areas, to bring your property back to liveable conditions

mould cleaning

Mould Cleaning

Using state of the art solutions we can effectively remediate surface moulds no matter how small or large the coverage is.

Drying solutions

Drying Solutions

Once a leak has been fixed, we can provide drying solutions to prevent any further damage from damp. 

Mould spore removal

Mould Spore Removal

To protect your health & to prevent mould from spreading, we treat the air to reduce the spore count to a safe level.

Water damage clean up service

Water Damage Clean Up

AirFresh offers a full water damage clean up service to prevent further damage and to disinfect areas contaminated with mould, or sewage.

mould surveys

Mould Surveys

With the help of expert tools, we can provide expert mould surveys to identify the root cause of the mould.

damp survey assessment

Damp Surveys

Did you know? 1 in 30 houses suffer from Damp issues in the UK. We are able to identify damp and find the likely cause. 

How it works.

Our seamless mould remediation process is built around you.

Step 1: Contact Us

We pride ourselves in providing a service that is seamless and straightforward from the very beginning. The first step to achieving a mould-free home is to get in touch with a member of our friendly team. We’ll ask a few questions to assess your situation and we are also happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

Step 2: Receive A Quote

With all of the information gathered, our friendly team member will provide you with a comprehensive, free quote for the service. We are 100% transparent about all costs involved, helping you keep peace of mind throughout the project.

Step 3: Book your remediation

At the appointed time, our technicians will promptly arrive, bringing with them the industrial-grade equipment and solutions required to remove all traces of the mould from your property.

Step 4: Mould Free Home!

Once the work has been completed, our agents will review the work and validate that there is no more mould using swab testing equipment. We will only leave the site once we are happy that all mould has been successfully eliminated.

Science is at the heart of what we do.

We provide consistent training to all of our mould removal technicians, who are also Dewpoint accredited. 


Dewpoint is the leading provider of training and consultancy services for mould remediation across the UK.

Some of the areas of training provided by Dewpoint include:


  • Fungal anatomy & physiology
  • Sampling & assessment
  • Decontamination techniques
  • Scientific & practical approaches

Safety is also a key area we focus on as part of our training.


Wherever required on the job, our technicians will wear the appropriate personal protective equipment as they tackle the mould.


We provide bespoke mould removal services across the 32 boroughs of London.


To find out more about our offering, get in touch today on 0203 130 4068.

Dewpoint accredited mould remediation specialists

One step away from a mould free home.

Call one of our friendly team today for a free no-obligation quote.

We cover every inch of London and the surrounding areas.


For those of you who want to know more...

When we imagine mould, many instantly think of the dark patches often found in humid areas of our homes, such as our bathrooms or basements. This is one form of mould, also known as black mould – a fungus that thrives in warm and humid areas.


In nature, mould serves an important purpose as nature’s natural cleaner, decomposing organic waste and returning the nutrients to the soil. Mould spreads by producing spores which travel through the air, which then latch onto other surfaces.


Mould can enter your home in much the same way, either through an open window or trodden in on your shoes. If the conditions are right in your home, then mould will establish itself there. Here are some common prerequisites for mould growth:


  • High ambient moisture levels
  • Oxygen
  • Darkness
  • Warmth

As mould grows, it often produces mycotoxins, a toxic by-product of the growth stage. These mycotoxins can enter our lungs and cause significant health issues, including dizziness, lung damage, and more. For those with pre-existing respiratory conditions, the impact of mould exposure can be even more severe.

Common areas for mould to spread within your home include the bathroom as well as basements. These areas satisfy the requirements mould needs to flourish, for example the consistent humidity provided when using the shower in a bathroom. 


Mould can also grow in areas out of sight, too. A leaky pipe in between the walls of your home will raise the ambient humidity there, providing the perfect conditions for mould growth. Areas around heating or cooling appliances are also prime spots for mould to grow.


Unfortunately, mould within walls can be particularly hard to detect for the untrained eye. In some cases, the mould can damage the structural integrity of your building by decomposing organic material.

Having received comprehensive training on utilising our mould removal technology, our specialists are ready to assist you. As part of your service, we’ll begin by UV fogging the entire property, which quickly disinfects and cleans large areas of the building.


Once the initial stage has been completed, we’ll then use our EPA-approved solutions to eliminate mould patches. These solutions have proven to be long-lasting, removing all traces of mould.


We use swabs to validate the completion of the work – this helps us detect any remaining mould particles to be removed by our competent technicians.

Finally, we are very happy to provide recommendations on preventing mould recurrence, helping you to continue to enjoy a healthy and mould-free environment.

Here is a little more info for you...

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No matter the size or form of mould in your property, we are on hand to assist you. Contact us today on 0203 130 4068 for more information.

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